Romaji Tsuyoshi
Alias Videographer
Age 20's
Gender Male
Status Unknown

.Tsuyoshi Shirakawa is a videographer that meets Kaori on the plane. He recognizes her earlier in the airport because she was on TV. She calls him a 'cameraman' in english.


Character SummaryEdit

Tsuyoshi is a videographer. She met Kaori in the plane. After Tadashi died, He will be taking care of Kaori. Towards the end of the OVA, he reveals he was infected by a Death Stench and stays behind while Kaori escapes on a raft to a boat filled with survivors.


  • Tadashi is replaced by Tsuyoshi.
  • Tsuyoshi is similar to Frank West of the Dead Rising video games. Both are photojournalists who inadvertently find themselves seeking out information on a sudden zombie epidemic during their respective storylines and both later end up being infected by the same zombie virus they encountered (Tsuyoshi being scratched by a Death Stench robot and Frank West being stung by one of the wasps who's sting contained a unique reanimating property responsible for the zombie epidemic in Dead Rising).

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